The Bachelor Recaps #

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine

Ep 4. Front runner Sophie scored a single date with the Bachie (good one, Joel)  that ended up in a smoochie which was kinda cute and super boring. The girls also got to meet the honey badgers fam, again which was boring, but some of the mean girls for sure took the opportunity to throw others under the bus which was pretty entertaining, since lurking in her bedroom, Blair (Pete) overheard Romi (Shar) talking about what a stage 5 clinger Cas (Henry) (that’s kinda true) is (OMG SO MANY BRACKETS) and chaos ensued when the Cat (not that Cat) was let out of the bag. In a cruel twist of fate, Blair ended up getting sent home, though really we all hoped it would be Romy. You know you dun bad when you say “I need to get back to speak to Bernadette (HB’s sister) because I said negative things about Cas.” Uh, yeah you did, Satan.

Ep. 5 Well Well… how awkward. What is love to you Rhiannon (Henry)? “Ummmm how do I answer that….Do you want a kiss?” She was denied. Brutally. SO BRUTAL. Friendzoned darling. Not even a flood of tears and a conversation with the producers could help. We could not unsee the awkwardness. We then see some of the girls go camping with the honey badger… Quadbiking was boring with the exception of Romy getting dirt in her face and Vanessa Sunshine finally cracking a smile through her surly and unmovable RBF. SURPRISE THOUGH! There’s was a bush rose ceremony and guess what? I don’t think the honey badger was ok with being told he was ugly, so sorry Amie, Vanessa Sunshine has left the building.

In another cruel twist of fate, Joel and Henry are the only two left with two girls in the running, both of which are not as enthused about The Bachelor as the rest of us. Open for a trade?? Punkee recaps are here and here. Vanessa Sunshine as Gal Gadot’s Wonderwoman = Gold.

Contestant Backer Contestant Backer
    Alisha Joel
Brittany Suzi Brooke Niraj
Cass Henry Cat Jess
Dasha Amie Emily Honey
    Rhiannon Henry
Romy Shar Shannon Dale
Sophie Joel    
    Tenille Bel

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