The Bachelor Recaps #8 and #9


Ep. 9. So yeah, all the mean girls are gone so I figured this episode was going to be hectic boring and guess what? It was… Scraping the bottom of the barrel with a visit to what looked like the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary. Yawn. The lie detector dude, yeah… he basically pointed out what we all knew, Cas is head over heels and the rest of them are there to sell something, and unlike Cat who openly plugged her jewellery lines, the rest of them are really there to sell their souls. I liked Deanna the best, who talked about how much she wanted to be there with about as much passion as a watermelon and you HAVE to watch the Punkee recap on it, it’s absolutely hilarious. The only exciting thing about the episode was Brooke’s massive secret, which turns out to be really anticlimactic. “You love people for who they are” so deep Honey Badger, so so deep.

Not surprisingly, Deanna went home and you’re ALL safe.

Ep. 10. Bit of car racing to start the date and just as promised in the promo, Dasha being unable to drive a manual car was one of the funniest moments of the series. Sophie ended up with a single date and was given a box of Avocado’s and what he actual is going on? Jamie Lee ended up with a single date… a single date so far removed from what a date should be (some kind of karate lesson) and she struggled… and continued to struggle for the WHOLE date. You could see the hamster wheel turning but the hamster was dead. She’s been one of the only ones to come back from a single date roseless… Ouch. But in a stunning turn of events, after a chat about how little they actually have in common other than how much time they both spend on their hair, Tenille decides the Honey Badger aint for her and escapes the house. But why?

7 girls left… Who wants to do Bachelorette sweeps?

Contestant Backer Contestant Backer
Brittany Suzi Brooke Niraj
Cass Henry    
Dasha Amie Emily Honey
    Shannon Dale
Sophie Joel    

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