The Bachelor Recaps #6 and #7

Ep. 6 saw the introduction of three NEW INTRUDERS OMG. Because I’m super late off the mark I won’t divvy them up via lucky draw because I think two of them already went home. For those who missed out, you missed Britt x 2 who was legit off her rocker. I think she may have lost her way and joined thinking it was an episode of MTV House Parties or something. They all played a childs game on those big bouncy ball things which just descended into full contact rugby league and an intruders leg got broken clean off (suspected stress fracture). Channel 10 hitting the bottom of the barrel sending the honey badger and Tenille off to be keeper school but well, didn’t things hit the fan when she got home! Romy had a crack at Tenille for labelling the honey badger “gross” which she didn’t and we had a real bonefide walk out. It fizzled into nothing, crazy britt got to stay, so sorry Sushant, Ashlea has left the building.

E.7. My favourite episode so far. Emily scored single date but it was boring so can’t comment because I’ve completely forgotten it and what she looks like. Brooke scored a single date and to be fair it was both lovely and incredible intrusive to watch as they stared into each others eyes and had to describe each other *vom. The mean girls, Romy, Cat and Alisha got stitched up by the producers and Nick decided he’d had enough after using some weird candles to force Tenille to throw the mean girls under the bus. So off Cat (sorry Jess) goes back to Bali, and so caused a chain reaction. Romy (Sorry Shar) REJECTED a rose without her minion, Alisha (Sorry Joel) got sent home because she is boring without the remaining mean girls duo and crazy Britt went because she’s, well… crazy.

Slim pickings now my friends

Contestant Backer Contestant Backer
Brittany Suzi Brooke Niraj
Cass Henry    
Dasha Amie Emily Honey
    Shannon Dale
Sophie Joel    
    Tenille Bel

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