The Bachelor Recap #6 – Banana Bread

Ep.6. Oh. My. God… the Druh-Ra-Mah of this episode had me fizzing. Firstly, I think we have a new front runner in Chelsie (Stew). Our quiet and well-mannered chemical engineer sat on the back burner for quite some time and tbh, I discounted her and assumed she’d fade to black. This week’s single date was a bit cute, with the happy couple getting dirty in the kitchen making banana bread. As I’ve previously mentioned, channel 10 appears to have blown the budget in the first 4 eps so they’re all having to resort to domestic duties.   The chemistry part came during the clean up when they both jumped in the pool. No one was expecting the chemical engineer to have a cross fit body that rivals Margot Robbie. DAMN girl, keep eating that kale. That’s all folks, none of us are worthy. That reminds me, I should probably get to a gym at some point… she said with no real conviction.

Vakoo (Amie) also scored a bit of single time with the Bachie after winning some kind of weird marriage game show, but did nothing for herself during her time, instead, giggled her way through it like some 13 year old girl reading Cosmo on the bus on her way home from school. Dog carrot-gate reached the pinnacle this episode with our Bachie confronting Mon (Pete) again in a conversation that kind of went like this…

Bach: “Did you call me a dog carrot?”

Mon: “I don’t remember.”

Bach: “Get your dog carrot behind out of my mansion.”

So off she goes, cursing Abbie (Will) and Osher delivers the bad news to the girls who all act as though they’ve just heard they’ve had a close relative die and guess what? We have ourselves a new show villain. Apparently calling someone a dog carrot is irrelevant as Abbie has masterminded this whole saga to oust Mon and get close to our Bachie. Anyway, the show must go on and even though we’ve had an eviction, there was still a rose ceremony and we had to say goodbye to Vakoo (Amie), who looked so shocked to be leaving, because a model and an astrophysicist are the perfect match?

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