The Bachelor Recap #2 and #3


Apologies for the late Bachie recap, but it’s better late than never! So last week we saw what could only be described as a hunger games style fight to the death/fight for the bachies love in some kind of weird tournament where the bachie ended up getting shot in a place no man wants to get shot with a bow and arrow. Dark horse Dasha showed a vulnerable side, and crap fly fishing skills and Cat when in for a bach smootchie and was brutally denied. For good reason. She’s just a mean girl. 

The recaps are particularly funny and you can see them here and here! So how is the field looking? We lost both Carly’s, sorry Bel and Zuleika. Carly the life healer managed to pull Nick aside to warn her about the mean girls as Nick pushed her into the car and our of his life for ever. We also lost the last of the no air time girls, Alexsandra, Sorry Shar… Sorry Niraj, we also lost Steph, who was bitterly disappointed she shaved her legs for the event. You go girl, we all know how you feel. I lost one of my front runners, Christina *sad face* so looks like the pack is beginning to thin out and the competition is really heating up for the bachies love. And why wouldn’t it, just look at the man!

Contestant Backer Contestant Backer
    Alisha Ashlea
Autumn Jess Blair Pete
Brittany Suzi Brooke Niraj
Cass Henry Cat Jess
Dasha Amie Emily Honey
    Rhiannon Henry
Romy Shar Shannon Dale
Sophie Joel    
    Tenille Bel
    Vanessa Amie

Happy Bachelor-ing.


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