The Bachelor 2018

Oh the D-Rah-Mah!

Well, well, well… Last nights episode was like watching the stage production of Mean Girls, with Romy, Cat and Alisha forming a girl gang of pure evil. How many Mean Girls jokes am I going to try and insert into this recap today? The limit does not exist. Dale, you’re a bit of a front runner, with Shannon scoring the first single date. And what a date it was! Leaping from a helicopter then being forced to eat fish. Her gagging made me gag TBH. Shar, your girl Romy has piqued Cass to the post for this seasons bunny boiler status. Whilst she scored a single date with the Bachie, she kind ruined what would have been a super cute Pizza date by trying to eat his face off. And his face, well, really says it all…

Did you miss last nights episode? This Punkee recap is definitely worth a watch. I’m still singing the Vanessa Sunshine song. You can watch it by clicking here. So… How are we tracking so far two eps down? Zuleika and Sushant, sorry guys. Barefoot Byron Bay Beauty Renee and Julieanna who got precisely 2 seconds of airtime have left the mansion! They’re not emotionally invested so there’s no tears, but it’s only a matter of weeks!

Contestant Backer Contestant Backer
Aleksandra Shar Alisha Ashlea
Autumn Jess Blair Pete
Brittany Suzi Brooke Niraj
Cass Henry Cat Jess
Cayla Zuleika Christina Suzi
Dasha Amie Emily Honey
    Kayla G Bel
    Rhiannon Henry
Romy Shar Shannon Dale
Sophie Joel Steph Niraj
    Tenille Bel
    Vanessa Amie

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