Mummy’s Special Sweetpea and the year that was 2017

For my Darling,

Oh my goodness, you’re almost four years old! Another crazy year out of the way and my little baby is a little girl now!  We’ve had quite the year already full of lots of changes. Changing homes (again, despite me saying last year we wouldn’t move) to changing schools, to changing friends. This year’s video has two of your favourite songs. Baby Shark – an insufferable song you make me play in the car every single day and Katy Perry – Swish Swish. Again, a song you love but I feel there’s a lyric in there you’ve particularly honed in on.

We forged new interests. Mummy took you to Minimates for your birthday last year and it became a staple during the first part of 2017. You made friends with Farmer Jill, Farmer Deb, Farmer Gemma and Farmer Graham, not to mention your pony friends, Roco the rainbow rockstar, Milo the magnificent, Dolly the delight and Yogi the Yogmeister. We went religiously every weekend, so much so mummy started leading the ponies around. But it got a bit difficult because without mummy keeping you company you pushed all the other little kids out of the way to be first in line no matter their age or size!

You forged a really special bond with your friend Mason at kindy. You two were thick as thieves. It was a sad day when we had to say goodbye to everyone at Butterfly as mummy got a pretty shmick job in the city. We started a new Kindy and you’ve quickly become everyones favourite. All the kids yell LOOK SHE’S HERE when you arrive. It’s super cute.

We’ve done some cool things this year too. We went to the Christmas in July winter wonderland in south bank and you got your first look at snow. You weren’t overly impressed. Particularly when you fell on your butt and realised it was cold water. We canned Ballet as you lost a bit of interest and picked up gymnastics instead. While you were happy to run around on the obstacle courses for a week or two you lost interest pretty quickly. Your teacher at kindy said you were quite talented with math so maybe this year we will try to do something fun with that instead! We flew on the plane to Sydney to see Lily and Janan too. We at lots of turkish foods and went to see all the animals on the farm

You graduated swim class this year too! You went up into the clown fish class. Mummy sits on the sidelines and when I’m not watching you yell at me to “LOOK AT ME MUMMY! Your teachers think it’s pretty hilarious. We’ve also spent lots of time at dream world because you love seeing the big tigers jump into the water. You loved the wiggles car ride you insisted we go on it with Mema when she came with us.

Your most favourite thing to do this year has been to get up early. So so early… 4:30am early. So Saturdays we’ve been getting up and heading down to our local cafe where you get special doggy pancakes and Frank sits and watches you eat them. Then we spend all day down at the foreshore playing in the salt water baths or playing in the whale garden. It’s always a might big ordeal to get you to go home. Normally we stay all day until 1pm when we get fish and chips for lunch and then you fall asleep in the car on the way home.

You’re growing into the most amazing tiny human. You’re incredibly full of spirit and confidence. We now have to commute together in the mornings on the train. Mummy bought you a special present, an ipad that you are allowed on the train. That’s because the very first time we went, you escaped the pram and ran up and down the train carriage asking all the commuters who they were and what were they doing here.

We also had Uncle Tommy come to live with us. While you often say to Uncle Tommy “you’re not my best friend…” he actually is, and every day you two giggle and play in the house until dinner is ready. You’re always asking where he is when he’s not at home and your teacher at school said you talk about him to your friends.

Well my little darling, that is our year in review. There are so many memories to pick from, my favourite is when your kindy teacher pulled me aside quietly and said “I just thought I’d let you know that your daughter told me to fuck off today.” Mummy had to contain her laughter. You apparently used it in the correct context and everything. Just one more. You came running into mummy’s room saying MUMMY LOOK! You were holding a clump of your own hair. You’d grabbed the front and hacked into it with a pair of scissors. That prompted a hair cut. I laughed so hard.

I love you lots

Mummy xox

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