The Winds of Change

It’s been a seriously interesting week this week. Sparked by a conversation with my Dad about the meaning of life, I made some huge changes.

Firstly, I decided to change degrees. I remember a couple of years ago when I was considering law, I tested the waters by telling a few select people. Everyone was really supportive with the exception of one. At the time, it didn’t come out the way he intended and my take away from the experience was that I was too stupid to pass. It lit a fire under me that I couldn’t quell. So that’s what I did. I got into Law school and proceeded to kick ass. A trend which has continued for the last couple of years until this week. I’d never felt more proud of myself when I told people I studied law and that was my goal to become a lawyer and I think to a degree, that’s almost what it became about. The longer I studied and the more exposer I had to the industry, the more unhappy people I came across. The exploitation of graduates, the low pay and the low work life balance became more and more apparent. The more stories I heard and the more lawyers I met, the more disheartened I became. Studying became harder and finally this semester, for the first time since I started studying, I was actually dreading.

“What is it about studying law that you like?” My Dad asked me. The real answer is that I love language, the manipulation of language and the ability to hear, read and tell stories. So I made the jump to a degree in creative writing and started on a task I’ve been putting off for years because it was too daunting and I didn’t quite have enough confidence. A novel. I’m about 10,000 words in and the few people that have read it have given me really positive feedback, which motivates me to continue. It’s certainly a more emotive journey than knocking out a law essay and in seeking the foundations for my characters, it’s allowing me to let people into my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. People that provide me inspiration. For that, I’m super grateful.

Secondly, and less importantly. I changed my hair. Yeah, that’s not that much of a big deal is it? After 10 years of “Can I get a half head of blonde foils?” it kinda was. Still blonde, but better.

Thirdly, I started my own business doing professional CV writing. Something I’ve done on and off for the last few years. Formalized it is really all I’ve done. If you need a refresh, head over to

What’s the moon doing or stars or whatever shit has to align for awesome thing to happen? Little Miss has been killin’ it at school this week (zero incident reports, even when she locked a child in the cupboard, when said child was let out LM said “I’m so sorry I hurt you” and they hugged it out). One GF got picked up in park by a handsome Italian and another GF bought a bikini that makes her look bangin’ and we all know how hard bikini shopping is. So, we’re all in a good place. Doing what makes you truly happy for the win. The book is pretty dirty though… so if you’re keen to read it, watch this space.


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