The Bachelor Recap #2 – Where’s Vakoo??

Recap #2. Congratulations to Jess as the Persian Cigar (Sogand) ended up scoring the first date. And well, didn’t we all end up falling in love last night? Dudes, take note: A helicopter, leaving an expensive ball gown on a tree and a 30 piece orchestra is all it’s going to take to hook yourself a lady. There was so much thigh touching and kissing I had to go and take a cold shower. The bench mark has been set and there’s no going back… Having a beer at the RSL won’t cut it anymore. Now, since we’re like 80 women still in, it’s hard to really pass commentary on all the psycho’s and it’s been made so much worse by the introduction of 8 new women. There were two stand outs for me … Jessica (Zuleika) the overly aggressive chick with the neck tats who looked like she could crush a man’s skull with her thighs. Did you see her tallons? Wouldn’t want to meet her in dark Alley on the Gold Coast at 4am. And then there was cute as button children’s entertainer, Jessie with her ukulele who sung such a sweet little song I wondered if I was indeed playing for the wrong team.

The noteworthy outcome were that 6 women ended up going home. So before some of you even see who you drew, you’re out of the game #sorrynotsorry. Last night we lost Tash (Mon), Love actually card wielding Hannah (Shar), Georgie (Lorraine), Second Persian princess Danush (Zuleika), zero air time Sam (Jess) and zero air time Tara (Stew).

You know who we don’t know is safe or not? Vakoo (Amie). WHAT HAPPENED!?!? WHERE IS SHE!?!?!??!?!?

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