The Bachelor Recap #1 – China Town

Recap #1. This recap is temporarily unavailable while I re-watch Matt Agnew running shirtless on the beach…. Kidding. We met all the ladies. Abbie’s (Will) Gemini comment still has me questioning whether or not she actually was joking…honestly, I think that was legit. Kristen the China girl (Brett) just spend the last two years teaching in China. Which she mentioned about 800 billion times. Just a lot of shiiiir shooo shiiiins floating about and you know Channel 10 are struggling with google translator. Nicole (one of mine much to my disgust) rocked up on a motor bike, swore in the first 5 minutes and in the second episode, tore everyone down and used the term “A giant batch of s(*& cake” to describe the intruders… #classy. Vakoo the model (Amie) confirmed that once you go black you never go back and along with Matt, we all blushed awkward shade of pink… This seasons bunny boiler award goes to Emma (Lindy) who has legitimately forgot she’s on the Bachelor and is confused and upset that all these other women are touching her man. Oh Darling, the next 10 weeks are going to be hard if you keep that up. We have front runner and golden ticket winner Elly (I have witnesses to show I legit drew her out of the bucket without prejudice) who hooked Matt on with her little snack. Can I buy those? Do I have to do it online in the privacy off my own home? I have an idea for using them later. The rest of them… Meh

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