2019 – The year of the horse.

Well, well, well… What’s this then aye? Another birthday. The big 5. Hard to imagine that it’s been 5 years already but here we are. You’re about to start big girls School. Mummy is quietly terrified but not you. You’re excited, you’re pumped. You’re Isla.

Anyway, this is not a time to be apprehensive over what’s coming up, this is a time to take a look at what has been! And wow… What a year. We did a trip to Sydney to see some of your very first friends, like Nate and Lilliana. There was plenty of visits to the beach, lots of playing with Frank and fun at school, but if there was one thing 2018 will be remembered for and it’s horses. We spent almost a full year going to mini mates to see your horsey friends, and the passion to ride never waned. Uncle Tommy was staying with us and even he got into it! Getting himself a wee job with Jill leading the ponies around.  In March, Mummy bought you your very first pony, called Squeak. She stayed at our paddock for a little bit then we moved her closer to our house. You might not remember her very well because it turned out Squeak was afraid of nearly everything, and that included you. So after three months, she went to live with a new family. Don’t worry though, Mummy had a better replacement, and so Mickey came into our lives and you loved him immediately. He was so very fat when he came to us you made up a song for him that went, “Mickey is a fat boy, Mickey is a fat boy, he’s my fat boy.”

So Mikey went on a diet and we got to go horse riding a lot. In fact, that’s pretty much all we’ve done this year. We moved to Southside Pony club in July 2018 and have spent almost all of our spare time there. You had your first pony club rally on Mickey and Mummy wanted to ride too, so in the same month, Mummy bought Thor, who you also loved and claimed as your own. In fact, in the big paddock where Thor lived, you also claimed everyone else’s horses. Bailey and Chance were your favourites.  Around the same time, Mummy’s friend Sally and her daughter, your friend Charlotte, also bought their own horses so we spent a lot of time with Dane and Kojie. We have all done some really cool things together. We’ve been trail riding, we competing in a special Unicorn Show in Jimboomba, we competed in our first hack show, our first combined training day (for which you won FIRST place) and countless pony club rallies.

You’ve grown so much this year, my sweetheart. You are fierce in your determination to do things your own way and by yourself. You can’t be told, you must discover things for yourself. Even if it means the discovery is frighting, painful or surprising. Your imaginative play has also come on in leaps and bounds. It’s quite the journey to work when Godzilla an Bumblebee the transformer are having a giant battle next to the car.

I know we have our struggles. There has been a lot of change in such a short period of time. You ask me why you have to go places, and when I’m going to pick you up again. You’re loved so much by so many people that Mummy needs to share, even it if means she misses you so much that she’s utterly lost without you. You’re my reason, my purpose, my light and my muse. You drive me forward, always.

Happy Birthday my special sweetpea. I’m so excited for the next 12 months with you 🙂

Love Mummy xox

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